800xcompanyThe beginning of the activity of our company is situated early in year 1966, as a representative of an English factory which produced interlinings, for the whole of Greece. It is the first time that such a product is available in the country. From May 1979, besides being a representative, we start importing and wholesaling to all over Greece to manufacturers of ready-made clothes, either men’s wear, women’s wear, children’s or shirt makers. The philosophy of our company was, and still is, to provide to our customers the best possible product for their production, at the best price, at the quickest time, regarding the delivery at their premises. Furthermore, we take under serious consideration the after sales service for anything that can arise, either an opinion, technical data of each product, or anything else. We believe that the credibility of each company is shown when it supports its customers in general and is not looking only to sell its products and then disregard them. It is characteristic that after so many years we have a great percentage of the same customers since they day we started doing business. Overall, in order to be able to provide a trustworthy solution to our customers, we try to have the best possible information regarding the trends of the garment market, either in terms of textiles, supplementary products, etc. As a result, we are always updated and able to provide the most adequate products to our customers that have the best specifications, so their products become the finest garments.